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Gutter Clearance & Cleaning

As a business we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We take the time to complete your gutter cleaning in a safe and efficient manner while showing respect to your property. Based in Ashford we cover the surrounding villages and towns including Folkestone and Canterbury. So when searching for gutter cleaning near me choosing Kent Gutter Cleaning is an excellent choice. 

Why choose us?

Precise Gutter Cleaning


Kent gutter cleaning ensure we carry out your gutter clean to the highest standard freeing your gutters from all debris. 

Well Prepared

We posses all relevant gutter cleaning equipment including ladders and state of the art telescopic gutter vacuum’s.

Health And Safety

Health & Safety

Our team carry out a full and comprehensive risk assessment before cleaning your gutters.

Gutter Cleaning Ashford Kent


Or traditional gutter cleaning methods.

Dependent on your needs and the style of your property our team will either clean your gutters using ladders or a modern telescopic gutter vacuum. Irrespective of the method used your gutters will be left in tip top shape free from moss and other unwanted materials.

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Who are Kent Gutter Cleaning?

We are a local family run, and independent business, company owner Steve also operates a general house and garden clearance company called Kent Clearance. Steve prides himself on attention to detail and ensuring all customers come away with a good impression of Kent gutter cleaning. 

We clean gutters in Ashford and the surrounding villages plus the nearby towns of Folkestone, Canterbury and Tenterden. 

Why have your gutters cleaned?

Gutters are an essential element of your home they are of course designed to take away rainwater from your property and to protect your building from the destructive effects of water.

Your gutters are an area of your home that cannot be seen easily; However, this is one instance where out of sight most definitely should not be out of mind.

Gutters that have built up with debris including moss, leaves, sticks and other residues can lead to more significant problems such as water ingress. This can cause damp patches in the interior of your home which in turn can lead to health problems caused by a build-up of mould ultimately water ingress can lead to structural issues.

We think you will agree a regular gutter clean is a worthwhile alternative to all of the issues mentioned above, after all a quick yearly gutter clean is a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

When should I have my gutters cleaned?

The obvious answer here is upon noticing your gutters have become obstructed; However, we do recommend specific times of the year many of our customers opt for a recurring clean in either Autumn or Spring. Others choose to have their gutters cleaned more regularly this is often because they live near to trees which mean leaves build up in their gutters faster.

How will you clean my gutters?

As a business, we have two options available to our customers one of which is a traditional gutter clean using ladders, and a fair amount of elbow grease our team ensure we carry out a thorough risk assessment when using this method.

Alternatively, we use a professional gutter vacuum this enables us to clean your gutters with both feet on the floor and is particularly helpful if health and safety is a concern. Should you have a preference for a particular method either traditional or modern please let us know at the point of booking, and we will certainly accommodate your wishes..